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Funny Proverbs People

“Funny Proverbs People” is a humorous look at people who, through their actions, prove the Book of Proverbs to be true in the most amusing ways.

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A Minute in the Morning

The devotional, “A Minute in the Morning” takes the reader on a daily, one minute morning adventure that starts our day the right way, in God’s word.

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Murder Most Tropical / A Rick and Dora Mystery

The Novel, “Murder Most Tropical/A Rick and Dora Adventure” features a Socialite couple who fight crime in San Francisco and Honolulu in the 1930’s.

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Beware the Jocko Meenies

The Children’s book, “Beware the Jocko Meenies”, takes us inside the imagination of a young girl who hears her father’s tale of strange creatures who exist in her backyard. They are real, aren’t they?

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