Funny Proverbs People

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Funny Proverbs People

Funny Proverbs People. Some are famous, most are not, but they all have one thing in common. They demonstrate by their actions the wisdom found in the pages of the Book of Proverbs. You will laugh with them, but you will also learn from them.

Take for example the High School student who thought the work “oxymoron” was an insult. Or the Albert Einstein look-alike who silenced a pompous professor with one sentence. There’s the 104 year old woman who tells about the best part of being old, or the Monk who was only allowed to speak every 15 years.

Three thousand years have passed since King Solomon dispensed the wisdom that gave him the sobriquet “The Wisest Man on earth”. After all these years, his declaration that there is “nothing new under the sun” proves true again as we see the truths he spoke of personified in contemporary lives.

Solomon wrote that “a merry heart does good like a medicine,” and “Funny Proverbs People” help bring that truism to the light of day, reflected in ordinary and extraordinary lives.

There’s the story of the doting mother who exposed her son’s subterfuge by a trick only a mother could devise. Or the depressed man who was insulted by a biker brute only to get his revenge in a most unusual way.

How can a book, thousands of years old be so contemporary? To answer that, you’ll have to do two things. The first, is to pick up your Bible and turn to the Book of Proverbs. There are 31 chapters, one for each day of the month. It’s an easy read. Then read “Funny Proverbs People” and compare the two. In 3,000 plus years a lot has changed, but human nature remains the same. After all , times have changed but people? Nah.

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