Murder Most Tropical / A Rick and Dora Mystery

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Murder Most Tropical / A Rick and Dora Mystery

A Socialite couple leave their posh Nob Hill mansion to solve murder and intrigue in 1932 San Francisco. This time, adventure follows them from San Francisco to the beaches of Waikiki where they unmask an opium drug ring, a philandering playboy and a murderer!

She, a privileged scion of Old San Francisco and he, a Nouveau Riche team together to solve crime. How? That’s what the San Francisco Police department want to know. This charming couple solved a murder case that baffled their entire department.

In “Nob Hill Confidential”, the first in the “Nob Hill” series, Rick and Dora sail to Honolulu for a well deserved rest. Having just solved one of the most tangled murder cases in recent San Francisco history they are looking forward to a vacation on the beaches of Waikiki–no work, no worries and no murder! But Fate has other plans for them. On their voyage, they meet a young San Francisco couple with a troubled marriage and mysterious secrets. The wife suspects that her husband is unfaithful, but suspicions of infidelity and drug use become secondary when her husband goes missing.

Our crime fighting couple meet Rudy Valee, Ronald Coleman and Chang Apana (the real-life crime fighting detective whose career was the inspiration for Earl Derr Bigger’s fictional character Charlie Chan.)

Rather than a relaxing holiday, Rick and Dora find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation that spans from Honolulu to San Francisco and involves a Chinese opium drug ring, a complicated trail of deception, embezzlement and murder.

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