Ohio State Star J.K. Dobbins Was Nearly Aborted, but His Mom Changed Her Mind

A national television audience Saturday watched running back J. K. Dobbins score four touchdowns to help No. 1 Ohio State crush Michigan, but it also learned how Dobbins’ mother nearly aborted him before changing her mind.

The junior rushed 31 times for 211 yards in the Buckeyes’ 56-27 win over their archrival and currently ranks fourth among all major college football players with 1,657 rushing yards, the NCAA notes.

After he scored Ohio State’s final touchdown on a 33-yard run Saturday, FOX Sports play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson relayed a personal story about Dobbins’ mother.

“His mom Mya became pregnant when she was 18 years old,” Johnson said. “She went to the doctor because she was thinking about aborting the baby, but changed her mind. That baby turned out to be that young man, J.K. Dobbins, who she calls her miracle baby.”

Sports broadcast teams often tell personal stories about a player’s life, but the account of Dobbins had Johnson’s name trending on Twitter.

In 2017, the Cleveland Dispatch newspaper told how Dobbins’ mother, Mya Grounds, earned a finance degree to provide for her son. Dobbins learned his work ethic from her, the newspaper said.

“You have to work hard and do things yourself,” Grounds said. “If you don’t do things for yourself, it’ll never get done. That’s something my grandmother taught me.”

She wouldn’t let him play football as a child until he followed her rules.

“I said that if you want to pursue this football dream, you have to work at it all the time and it’ll eventually pay off,” Grounds said. “He listens to me. I say stuff and don’t think he’s listening to me, but he is.” Christian Headline News


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